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First of all, congratulations.

Welcome to the home of Denham J Gouldson Photography, wedding photographer in Nottingham, if you asked us to describe our style, we would say, unique, unobtrusive, relaxed, stylish, fun and creative. We don't get in the way, we don't boss you or your guests about and we don't put you into any uncomfortable positions for poses. What we offer is a true natural account of your day. Letting all of the raw emotion unfold and capturing it in our own quirky unobtrusive way. We do a lot of work around the Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, Derbyshire area but also travel the UK and abroad shooting weddings.


How we approach your day.

Our aim is simple, to give you goosebumps when you look back on the biggest day of your life. We shoot in a candid, photojournalistic approach which keeps us out of the way capturing the raw emotions as they happen, most of the time people don't know they are on camera. We firmly believe these are the best type of images from such a emotion rich day.

We love hearing from our happy couples, it makes us incredibly happy to receive cards, notes, emails and texts after your big day.  There is no better feeling than when we wake up to a words of love from you after your big day.

Why choose us?

As professional wedding photographers in Nottinghamshire, we know a thing or two about weddings. We love what we do, and it’s a privilege to be part of industry founded on happiness, love and timeless memories. When it comes to your wedding photos, we think only the best will do.

We are passionate, creative, relaxed, fun and unobtrusive wedding photographers who will live and breathe every special moment of your wedding day. We make your day into timeless memories that will help you relive the magic of the best day of your life. We believe our passion and talent makes us stand above the rest. We also believe we are unique in the fact that we always work as a pair, two photographers to cover every detail of your day.



A thank you from us

Thanks for taking the time to read this and getting to know us and our style. If you get the chance please take a look at our blog and the wedding galleries to see more. We have always had a great time shooting weddings and we really hope this shines through in our writing and images. Information such as pricing can be seen here. If you like our style and think it would suit your wedding or just want to chat more about your exciting plans please do get in touch! You can contact us direct here.


USB...The Future?

With DVD drives slowly being fazed out on computers we now offer our clients the high resolution files supplied on USB stick. Each USB stick is presented to the client in a presentation folded book that is customised to the couples wedding, we love this truly bespoke packaging and we think you will too.

Licence is granted by Denham J Gouldson Photography to allow the client to print and share the images as they wish. The packaging includes a "licence to use letter" which is recommended to be shown to any lab as proof that the images are yours to print. Guests can access and order products including prints via the secure online web gallery which is password protected and the details will be given to you after your wedding.


Denham J Gouldson Photography are Nottingham wedding photographers who work all across the UK shooting weddings and more. We hope our passion fro wedding shines through from this site, if you like what you see and think "this is what we are looking for, for our wedding", why not drop us a message here.

We use Nikon equipment only, we both belong to the Nikon Professional User Scheme. We only use full frame professional equipment, we believe couples deserve the best and we won't work with anything other than that.


The Guild of Photographers.

Denham J Gouldson Photography is a registered member of the Guild of Photographers. Membership to the guild gives you the confidence we are committed to delivering the highest standards to our customers. To read more about the Guilds conduct click here.

Here is what the guild has to say "Our membership includes full and part-time professional photographers committed to delivering the highest standards to their customers, distinguished social photographers of many years standing, plus enthusiasts who are involved with photography simply because they 'love it', as well as aspiring photographers who can benefit from the experience of our established members."


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