1. The Wedding of Katie to Ross

    02 Jun 2017
    Another beautiful wedding day in the countryside of Warwickshire. 

  2. The Wedding of Martyn to Rebecca

    02 Jun 2017
    Derbyshire Wedding Photography, sunshine… blues skies… and plenty of smiles… a true summers day in the glorious English countryside Martyn and Rebecca were treated to stunning weather in the Peak District town of Bakewell and a ride in a really cool VW camper van.  They were also treated to a man…

  3. The Wedding of Alison to Dan

    06 Jun 2016
    Wedding photography Warwickshire, a sunny day, lots of fun and smiles all around and to top it off, a firework finale.  Draycote Hotel played host to the reception and allowed us to get some stunning images overlooking Draycote Water. Oh, and they had a totally cool VW Camper too.

  4. The Wedding of Ross to Laura

    10 Jul 2015
    So our story begins on what I would call a bit of a chilly and damp July morning. Karl and I freshen ourselves up for what is going to be a good trip heading north. We are heading from just outside Nottingham all the way to Middlesbrough.  All the camera gear is…

  5. What You Should Know About Hiring Nottinghamshire Wedding Photographers

    01 Jul 2015
    Wedding photographers are often put into a special position where they can capture the different details during your wedding — details that you may not be fully aware of due to the flurry of activities during that day. Often, couples become aware of these only upon leafing through their wedding…

  6. Nottingham Wedding Photographers Cite Things Clients Should Be Telling Them, But Don’t

    01 Jul 2015
    A lot of couples have this idea that wedding photographers have an established system of accomplishing the job they are hired to do. Well, they actually do, but if clients want the best service, it’s imperative to provide direction to these professionals. According to Nottingham wedding photographers, they automatically get…

  7. Nottingham Wedding Photography: How to Find the Ideal Photographer

    01 Jul 2015
    Finding your wedding photographer is no easy task. For one thing, you have a number of choices because there are just too many professional photographers doing weddings. For another thing, you sometimes struggle with the price and the schedules; the photographer you want might already have a wedding to shoot…

  8. Ross and Laura’s Pre Wedding Shoot

    31 May 2015
    Well what a lovely day we had for a pre-wedding shoot. Not only were Laura and Ross a fantastic couple to work with, but my god did they pick a fantastic place to have their pictures taken. The location we visited is called Cod Beck Reservoir just north east of a…

  9. Tips From Nottingham Wedding Photographers

    30 Apr 2015
    Tips From Nottingham Wedding Photographers  For Wedding Photos That You’ll Love Forever Wedding memories last forever (even if some marriages won’t). So it’s important to make sure that the camera captures the best moments of your special day. Of course, you would want to make sure you look great…

  10. Mutton Chop Champ

    16 Apr 2015
    We had the absolute spiffing pleasure of working with Michael JohnBull Wallage ( FB Profile ) this week. We had been tasked with creating a number of new images which show off Michael’s excellent facial hair as he is currently the reigning UK Mutton Chop champion. Michael had been asked by a…

  11. Why Choose a Professional Wedding Photographer?

    28 Mar 2015
    As professional wedding photographers in Nottinghamshire, we know a thing or two about weddings. We love what we do, and it’s a privilege to be part of industry founded on happiness, love and timeless memories But we also know that weddings are expensive. Unless you’re going for a tiny ceremony…

  12. Darren and Ruth’s Wedding Day

    16 Feb 2015
    Darren and Ruth’s big day Last November we were privileged to attend the wedding of Darren to Ruth as wedding photographers. Darren and Ruth had a Leicestershire wedding at the stunning Halstead House Farm, in Tilton on the Hill in rural Leicestershire. Thanks Darren and Ruth for booking me and…

  13. Nottingham Panthers

    12 Feb 2015
    So, last Saturday taking a break from our usual wedding photography, we headed to the press booth at the Nottingham Panthers Ice Hockey game against the Belfast Giants. Sport photography is a discipline that has interested me (Karl) since I first took up photography, the only pitfall I kept coming…

  14. Award Winning!

    20 Jan 2015
    In November 2014 I decided to enter a photography competition, the competition of choice was the Guild of Photographers Image of the Month (IOM). I am usually very nervous before entering any kind of competition as in some ways the results can have a negative impact on you just as…

  15. Sarah and Matthew - Arrow Mill

    19 Jan 2015
    Welcome to the first post of our Blog, we have finally realised we need to start documenting our weddings so we are covering a few that we did last year in 2014, anyway we hope you enjoy reading through the adventures of two quirky wedding photographers The Wedding of Sarah…

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