Award Winning!

In November 2014 I decided to enter a photography competition, the competition of choice was the Guild of Photographers Image of the Month (IOM). I am usually very nervous before entering any kind of competition as in some ways the results can have a negative impact on you just as much as good feedback can have a very positive effect on you.

However I had been aiming to enter for quite a while so finally plucked up the courage to do it. My entry of choice was a long exposure, black and white, of the Louvre Muesuem in Paris, France, nothing really to do with wedding photography which is obviously my usual work. I do very much enjoy landscape photography however and still find time to get out into the hills around Derbyshire with my camera…..anyway I’m waffling now.

I entered my image and paid the entry fee (which is usually the sign of a decent competition). November the 21st came around and I went online to check the results and to my amazement my image had been awarded a Bronze award. Not only was I pleased I was literally bouncing around the room, much to the delight of my girlfriend.

I have made it this years aim to enter as regular as I can and concentrate each month on producing an image I feel worthy of winning more awards. The Guild prize of platinum has still never been won so maybe….just maybe.

Anyway I’m sure most people stopped reading and went straight to the image…so here it is.

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