Mutton Chop Champ

We had the absolute spiffing pleasure of working with Michael JohnBull Wallage ( FB Profile ) this week. We had been tasked with creating a number of new images which show off Michael’s excellent facial hair as he is currently the reigning UK Mutton Chop champion. Michael had been asked by a company called Beardilizer to find someone who could do this kind of work. As luck would have it he found us. We were very excited with this opportunity as not only did we get to work with someone who is an amazing character but also it would mean our images would now be going global. 

Thanks to our friends over in America it seems the world of the bearded man has become a sport if you will. This means there are clubs, events and competitions. This has now spread over to the UK, Europe and even further around the world. There are many different beard categories, as mentioned above, Michael is the Mutton Chop Champ. He will be taking part in events around the UK, Europe and will be one of the few British beardsmen to compete in the USA. This means our pictures will be doing some travelling. I’ve included a link to Michael’s facebook page so please check him out and follow his beard adventures around the world. We still have a couple more shoots to do with him, we are planning on shooting around the Nottingham Lace market, a place where we have quite a bit of experience with pre wedding shoots. So stay tuned for more of our work. 

Good luck Mick, do the UK proud mate.

Adam and Karl

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