Nottingham Panthers

So, last Saturday taking a break from our usual wedding photography, we headed to the press booth at the Nottingham Panthers Ice Hockey game against the Belfast Giants. Sport photography is a discipline that has interested me (Karl) since I first took up photography, the only pitfall I kept coming across was the lack of access to sporting venues for shooters new to the genre. Luckily for myself the Nottingham Panthers took pity on me and invited me along as a guest member of the press.

Obtaining our first proper press pass from them before the game was a big moment for us both, finally a glimmer of a way in to a very competitive market. The press booth is centred in the middle of either teams dugout areas, right in the heart of the action, the only downside to this is there is no perspex in front of you to protect…your face/teeth/camera. On the upside it does allow for electric photos of the action. We had an hour to get ourselves set up and prepared. In this time we set a manual white balance so the ice was correctly exposed and not showing grey, we also set a aperture of F4 which allowed for more of the players to be in focus and ensure that no action would be missed by missed focus points finally we set our cameras into continuous hood, which allows many images to be captured with a single press of the shutter.

We were ready for the game!

The game began in a frenzy, trying to keep up with the action and with our added nerves made it a pure intense task, at around 1 minute 30 into the game whilst focusing on a player about to hit the puck, I fired a burst from my camera and then was left with a jolt of pain in my chest…was I having a very young heart attack? Well no, I’d just been baptised into the world of sport photography the proper way, by getting smacked by the puck! Boy did it hurt! Quickly getting over my huge feeling of embarrassment I carried on capturing a very high paced game and loved every moment of it. The Panthers won 1-0 in the end.

My first venture in sports has been a fantastic experience and I look forward to more!

Thanks for reading guys.

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