Sarah and Matthew - Arrow Mill

Welcome to the first post of our Blog, we have finally realised we need to start documenting our weddings so we are covering a few that we did last year in 2014, anyway we hope you enjoy reading through the adventures of two quirky wedding photographers.

The Wedding of Sarah to Matthew

We had the utmost pleasure to be present for the wedding of Matthew and Sarah, in the glorious Warwickshire countryside, Arrow to be precise. The day began with myself and Marc travelling up from a very rainy Derbyshire. Cameras and equipment packed and ready, plus a sense of excitement for the day to come, I personally still feel nervous before every wedding I do, I think this is to do with the pressure I put myself under to get the best results.

The venue itself was Arrow Mill, a lovely old mill building (still working) on the land of Ragdale hall near the sleepy village of Arrow. The mill had a fantastic waterwheel that still turned. The mill was set off by the stunning lakes and grounds. The surrounding countryside was a perfect example of ‘England’ in all it’s glory.

Whilst waiting for the bride to arrive we both had plenty of time to capture the Groom getting ready and certain details of character around the building itself. One piece of character that stood out for me in particular was the sign on the main entrance, ‘Don’t feed the chickens’ this was due to the fact that the mill also raised a healthy number of chickens and they could be found running about the grounds playfully. A great touch.

Sarah arrived in style on a red London style double-decker bus, what a sight it was flying down the country lanes to the venue. Witnessing the red bus pull into the venue was truly stunning, the bridal party proceeded to exit the bus and prepare to enter the ceremony room. With a brief pause to allow for some candid images to be taken, everyone was now ready for the big moment. Sarah looked as confident as I have ever seen a bride, no hint of nerves as she made her way to the waiting groom.

The ceremony was interrupted briefly by a very loud clap of thunder and a downpour to put a monsoon to shame. However when the newly married couple stepped out of the venue to the yard, the sun was again shining, a positive sign of things to come. This allowed us to get nice and creative with the photos and we believe we have some truly stunning images from the day. The great thing about our photography is that it is timeless, the images will be as fresh as they were the day they were taken.

One of the biggest highlights of the day for us was when the Mother and Father of the bride replicated their first dance complete with the song too, ‘You’ve got a friend’ .

All in all this has been one of my favourite weddings from 2014, we wish Sarah and Matthew all the joy and happiness for the rest of their lives.

Below are a few captures from the day. We hope you have enjoyed reading about our wedding photography. Keep checking back as we add more content to our blog. Have a good day.

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