The Wedding of Ross to Laura

So our story begins on what I would call a bit of a chilly and damp July morning. Karl and I freshen ourselves up for what is going to be a good trip heading north. We are heading from just outside Nottingham all the way to Middlesbrough. 

All the camera gear is charged and packed, the coffee is steaming in the cup holders so we settle ourselves down for the trip. We make great time, firstly dropping me off with the groom’s party so Karl can head over to the bridal party. As has been the way with Laura and Ross we are both made to feel welcome in their homes. 

The cameras come out and we begin to document their most special of days. As we sit chatting with everyone we are aiming to catch the moments often missed by most. Things like, our groom Ross having difficulties not just with his very special cufflinks (see the images) but also his laces. I put the laces thing down to the pressures of the day seeing as Ross builds major road networks for a living this sort of thing would normally be a breeze for him. I sit across from Alick the best man as he runs through his most important check of the day, he has the rings safely stashed in his pocket and a future possible panic under control. 

Sadly for the blog post I have nothing to report about our bridal party as they were so well organised everything went to plan for them (well done ladies). Although these days can be stressful for not just the married couple to be and the families as I’m sure you can imagine we find ourselves under pressure as well. Its our sole purpose to catch every moment of the day and not to miss anything. 

At this point my stress levels drop off massively with the grooms man saying we will be heading the pub before the wedding. I follow Ross and his merry men to the church where I am introduced to Miles the leader of the church. We come up with a plan of how we will conduct ourselves while Ross and Laura are getting married, which is all pretty standard stuff for us. This is where operating as a pair really pays off. So while Karl is busy with the bridal party I have the time to organise things at the church and not just turn up blind and in a rush trying to get in front of the Bride. It also means that I am able to cover the whole build up to the ceremony, catching the excitement of the families and friends getting ready to see their loved ones tie the knot. As time continues to move forward the church rapidly begins fill and with the arrival of the beautiful Bridesmaids we all know our Bride won’t be far behind. 

I see Karl fly past in the car heading to the car park, moments later he is heading down the road to join me. As if this is timed to perfection Laura arrives at the perfect moment, our cameras fire into action for our A’lister for the day. With a quick hello and heads up I tell Karl how we need to operate in the church and with a simple nod to each other off we pop to either sides of the church. We continue to move around in the background catching the natural smiles of the guests and tears of happiness as our couple share their vows. Within no time at all we hear “you may now kiss the bride” the time is simply flying by, a comment made by most newly weds on the day. 

After a beautiful ceremony our couple want a picture within the church of the whole congregation. Karl steadies himself on a ladder high above for all to see. He thinks only one thing “don’t drop the cameras.” With that picture done all but our newly weds head outside to throw confetti. As if by magic at this point the clouds break and we are greeted stunning blue skies and a lovely warmth in the air. The confetti is thrown high the pictures are taken, with great effect capturing every piece fly into the air and over Mr and Mrs Young. With a gorgeous classic Rolls Royce waiting for them to head off to our first meeting point for our group pictures. The roller pulls away and we make haste back to the car. 

We meet at a lovely little spot just around the corner from the main venue. At this point we grab a few minutes with Ross and Laura and utilise the Rolls Royce for some pictures. As our guests begin to arrive we begin to take the more formal pictures but once again while these are begin taken one of us is still free to document everything else that is going on. Its at the point we hear about an incident that has just happened. A mini bus carrying guest our location was hit by another car. Luckily it was just a little knock, however the driver is not best pleased even more so when the other driver puts his foot down to drive off. At this point our driver is faced with a dilemma, pursue or accept it. His choice was to pursue. After chasing the driver for a short time he is able to get in front of the BMW and pull him over. Its at this point he realises that he was also being followed, not by one of the BMW’s friends but by the police. Thankfully the policeman listened to what had happened and all was well once again. 

The pictures continued without event at this point and we were able to capture some stunning images. At this point of the day things slow down a little for us. We capture the Young’s entering the Reception room for their wedding breakfast and at this point we move to a quiet stop to flick through our pictures so far. We aim to show off at least one of the bride, one of the couple and possibly a group shot as well. We do ask for some help at this point. We as a company market and rely on social media to help us grow. So for anyone reading this think of booking us or to the couples who have already booked us. We ask that you help spread the word through your guests that pictures can be seen on our Facebook page and for people to ‘like’ and share our post of the wedding. Speech time. The room that we were in was perfect for our setup. Karl was able to position himself at the back of the room looking straight at the top table. Meanwhile I was level with the top table looking back at the guests. This again is another benefit of our 2 photographer setup. One of us captures the top table reaction while the other focuses on the guests. Its a great way of covering this part of the wedding. When you get to look back over the pictures and you can see the reaction of the whole wedding party to the jokes being made it really helps to tell the story of the wedding through pictures. Alick the best man, what can we say about his speech? The simple answer is in our opinion the signs of a great best man speech is that we as the photographers found it hilarious. It was written in such a way that even if the stories were private tales you were still about to understand them and get the joke, so from us a massive well done on a great speech. 

After the speeches it was at this point we took the bride and groom off for some private pictures. We visited a lovely local park, as the sun was beginning to lower in the sky. With this changing light we were able to create a beautiful warm feeling in the pictures. Ross and Laura sat and posed effortlessly. Previously to the wedding they had had a pre wedding shoot. As mentioned in the pre wedding blog we feel that these shoots before the big day can be very important and on this day we felt having this experience before hand really showed in how relaxed Ross and Laura were (For the pre wedding blog click here). We finished our working day covering some of the events of the evening reception. Now when were booked we were told that they would be having a Ceilidh band play. Now I would suggest that if you don’t know what this pop onto YouTube and have a gander. But one thing it was was a great success. We go to a lot of weddings and the worst thing to see is an empty dance floor, this simply wasn’t the case as the dance floor had no space left. Bravo Ross and Laura what a great choice for entertainment it was fantastic to watch. 

Its at this point this blog comes to a end. I’m afraid our long trip back was uneventful apart from a very late night stop at a service station for an emergency Burger King. As always many thanks for reading this and keep an eye out for our next post. In closing congratulation to the new Mr and Mrs Young we hope your future together is bright and full of happiness.

We have included a small selection of the images from the day, there is also a link to these images in a client gallery where if you wish you can purchase professional prints direct from our photo lab. We like to include this option as we know the quality is extremely high and you will be overjoyed with the results.

The link is HERE

We hope you enjoy.

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