Tips From Nottingham Wedding Photographers

Tips From Nottingham Wedding Photographers 

For Wedding Photos That You’ll Love Forever
Wedding memories last forever (even if some marriages won’t). So it’s important to make sure that the camera captures the best moments of your special day. Of course, you would want to make sure you look great in every shot, too. But with all the tension and excitement when tying the knot, even the best Nottingham wedding photographers will admit that it’s a big challenge to make sure every frame will be as flattering as you’d like them to be.
How do you make sure you’ll have wedding photos that you’ll cherish for a lifetime? One important factor is to be in the know about the process. Invest in a bit of preparation, choose your photographer wisely, and make sure to have a serious (and fun) discussion with your photographer about your preferences and expectations.
Seasoned Nottinghamshire wedding photographers share the following tips that have worked so well in real life: 

There will be sweat and tears. 

Trust the photographer who’s been through all kinds of weddings for years - sweat might roll and tears may be shed no matter how cool and composed your wedding party is. You won’t be able to help it because emotions run high and nerves get frazzled when there’s a wedding. What you can do is to make sure your hair and makeup will go the distance. Waterproof mascara, heavy-duty foundation, professional makeup sealer and someone to carry tissues are your best friends if you don’t want the camera capturing you with streaks running down your face. 

Lighting matters. Very much. 

As they say, light is the essence of photography. In many cases, the lighting quality, temperature, tone and texture will have the biggest impact on how the photographs will come out. And while specialists in Nottingham wedding photography will have the equipment and technical skills to make sure their work will look good under various lighting conditions, you might also think about lighting and how it affects your photos (and the wedding itself) when choosing or setting up your venue. Generally, you might want to go for that warm, golden feel that’s flattering on most people. This can be achieved with café lights and shots during sunrise and sunset. Talk to your photographer about the schedule and venue for ideas. 

Keep the photographer in the loop. 

Pro photographers will develop their shot list to make sure they have all the standard shots covered. The list will most likely include the wedding entourage, such as shots of the parents of the groom and bride, or the obligatory family picture. But it also helps to appoint someone in the wedding party to be the one to tip the photographer about the VIPs and guests that they absolutely should have a picture of.
The last advice may seem so commonsensical, but you’ll be surprised how a lot of brides and grooms can forget to do it. That’s why it’s worth repeating every time: Just relax and have fun on your special day! Your smile and your joyful aura will be that one magical element that will make each photo special.  

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