Why Choose a Professional Wedding Photographer?

As professional wedding photographers in Nottinghamshire, we know a thing or two about weddings. We love what we do, and it’s a privilege to be part of industry founded on happiness, love and timeless memories.
But we also know that weddings are expensive. Unless you’re going for a tiny ceremony attended only by your nearest dearest, it’s likely to be one of, if not the most, expensive day of your life. From the flower arrangements to the bridesmaid dresses, we don’t blame you for trying to cut corners and save some pennies where you can. But when it comes to your wedding photos, we think only the best will do. Here’s five reasons to choose a professional photographer for your wedding: 

1. Save your friendships 

 “My friend’s got a great camera – she’ll take the pictures for us”, is a phrase we’ve heard time and time again from newlyweds-to-be. But when it comes to the day, she might be too wrapped up in emotion to capture every detail, may not have the experience to deal with tricky lighting, or might just want to enjoy your big day without the added pressure of capturing the pictures you’ll be looking at for years to come.
We attend your big day as photographers, not just guests: our only purpose is to capture your ideal portraits, which you can treasure forever. 

2. Experience and professionalism 

 We are passionate, experienced and fully insured Nottingham wedding photographers – therefore you can trust us to not only bring and use all of our own high quality equipment, but to offer a reliable and exemplary service from start to finish, at a reasonable price. We’re honoured to have attended numerous weddings in and around Nottinghamshire, so know exactly how to capture the photographs you want, while remaining discreet and unobtrusive. 

3.Your style, down to the tiniest details 

 Whether your taste is clean and minimalistic or bold and decadent, you need your photographer to work alongside you to understand and interpret that vision. To share your thoughts and ideas, we want you to feel as comfortable as possible around us, so we take the extra step to get to know you in the run up to the big day. By the day of your wedding, you’ll feel confident that we can transform what’s in your imagination into a set of unique, invaluable photographers you’ll be excited to share. 

4.Don’t take a chance with your memories 

 The dress, the cake, the venue….there are some aspects of your wedding day that need to be just right. And your photography is one of them. When you sit down in thirty years’ time, grandchildren huddled excitedly around you – do you want to show them a collection of haphazard shots your friend managed to capture at chance moments, which are – despite the best will in the world - full of shadows, strange angles and blurry details?
Or would you like to share a beautiful set of meticulously captured images shot to your specific requirements, capturing not just the aesthetics of the day, but the buzz in the air, the feeling of celebration, the love-filled atmosphere? As professional Nottinghamshire wedding photographers, we know that beautiful photos don’t just happen by chance; our high quality work is also a product of hard work, experience and passion for the craft. 

5.The proof’s in the pudding! 

 For a taste of the kind of work we produce, head on over to our weddings and testimonials pages to see our past projects and what some of our happy newlyweds have had to say about us. 

 Part of delivering this satisfaction is not just being there and snapping away on the day itself, but the work we put in after the event. From fine-tuning and editing to selecting the most stunning images and displaying them in a custom wedding album, we’re there for you from the moment you pick up the phone.
We’d love to know your unique vision for your wedding day, or any questions you might have about hiring a professional wedding photographer in Nottinghamshire and throughout the UK. Let us know in the comments below, or get in touch by calling 07921724766 or contacting us here

Thank you for reading our advice.

Karl and Adam

Denham J Gouldson Photography - Nottinghamshire wedding photographers. 

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