Adam Gouldson

So firstly a short bit about myself. I am married and have two great kids Miili and Tyler. I am a devoted family man and it was partly through my family I found my true passion for photography. More about that later though. For many years my creative side was expressed through drawing. I have always found that creating something and seeing the end result to be truely satisfying. I have enjoyed playing many sports over the years but in recent years have had to slow down . This, I like to think isn't down to my age but due to the fact that since the age of 18 I have put massive pressures on my body by not only playing lots of rugby but also having the great pleasure of serving in H.M Army. I was an Infantry Soldier, so this meant no glitz and glamour just mud and cold. But it's in these places that you see some amazing sights. Never more so than while I served in Afghanistan in 2003. Here, is where with my first digital camera I started to see that the enjoyment I got from drawing I also got from capturing a beautiful picture, of which I got a few in this amazing but deadly country. If you end up sitting down with us to meet, please feel free to ask to see them.

It wasn't for a number of years later and after leaving the Military that my life had settled and I picked up my camera again. Now having a wife and children I had no reason to ever put my camera down. But strangely it was because of my family the idea of Snaps started. As like many families we wanted some nice pictures to have around the home but were disheartened by the high prices people charged. A seed had been planted by my wife that I could do better. The final tipping point came when we got our kid's school pictures, which were not only poor but very expensive. Now I don't like to admit it but at this point I gave way and admitted that my wife, Jodie was right, but where to go from here?

Along came Karl. Having already known Karl for some time and his love and great skill for photography, we went to where all men go to talk, the pub. We sat down and I spoke to him about what I had noticed about the professional world of photography. Then said we can do better. And so Snaps Professional Photography (Our awful original trading name) was born. Our goal for the business is to produce amazing pictures that everyone can afford. 

I thank you for taking the time to read this and looking at us. If you have a question please feel free to ask. We are always happy to chat about the services we offer and if you can't find what you are looking for on the site then please ask


Karl Denham

I'm a very creative individual and my passions in life are numerous, I enjoy sports such as ice hockey, climbing, canoeing, wake boarding, hiking, snowboarding, badminton and cycling. With all those pursuits you can probably tell I'm a very free spender. Being a free spender tends to get my into trouble with my beloved girlfriend and life partner, Carly. I have been with Carly for 9 years (at the time of writing at least). We first met at school and to put it bluntly, she didn't like me. It's probably because I wasn't very cool, infact I was a pure nerd, something I still have great success in today. It wasn't until university when we both worked in the same bar that a love between us started to blossom. Carly has been a constant rock in my life and I genuinely cannot imagine living without her now. We have bought a house in West Hallam together early in 2014 and have created our first home together. We both adore animals; Carly's family has a Dalmatian (Luca) and a Border Collie (Ruby) that we both like to walk on a regular basis.

I like to travel a lot, I have spent long periods in Canada, America, Italy, Germany, Austrai, Slovakia, Slovenia, Thailand, New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, France and Iceland, even managing to see the Northern Lights on two occasions whilst in Keflavik. Food is something that goes hand in hand when you are exploring new places, so as you will probably be able to tell from my picture, I really enjoy food. I have ambitions to see a lot more of the world, hopefully with Carly and my camera at my side.

My passion for photography developed during college, when I stumbled across the work of Ansel Adams. His landscape work inspired me to try out taking images a little bit more seriously and these were the first steps on a road that led me through university on into my adulthood. It was from these tender steps that a real passion for photography developed and I have known ever since that I'm happiest with a camera in my hand. I became a registered member of the Guild of Photographers and a Nikon Professional user early in 2014, this was just after Adam and I had set up Snaps (our awful original trading name). We simply love working with happy couples, we are meticulous planners and believe in preparing everything perfectly so that nothing is left to chance on the big day. We believe this is one of the many factors of our success.

These days I work in sport a lot, I'm currently working with Team GB as a photographer, this allows me to travel and do what I love.

Thats probably enough about myself for now. 


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